Lawn Care Tips & Tricks

Lawn grass plantation

Looking for fast and effective lawn care solutions? Sodding Canada has compiled some of the most useful practices, approved by Canadian lawn experts. Take 15 minutes at the end of the day and go to your backyard, taking a small walk and looking for these things:

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How to Mow Your Lawn as a Pro

Lawn mower

Mowing the lawn is one of the essential works for a household owner to do in spring and summer days. It is very important to mow your lawn on a regular basis, as every time you cut the grass, it grows more dense, healthy and soft. Here are some effective lawn mowing tips:

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How to Install Sod. 101 Guide

Sodding lawn grass

Are you looking forward to installing a new sodding system in your backyard? Do not where to start? Here some useful steps you should take in order to achieve your dream lawn, making sure that it does not only look beautiful but stays healthy.

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