Commercial Landscaping Services

Sodding lawn grass

Having a polished lawn for your business increases curb appeal and gives you peace of mind knowing that your lawn is healthy. At Sodding Canada, we take commercial landscaping seriously and see every lawn as a work of art. We are a commercial landscaping company that specializes in sod, and we offer GTA businesses commercial landscaping services. Our team brings transparent communication, an efficient process, 100% satisfaction, and high-quality materials and results.  

Our Commercial Sod Installation Services

Sod comes in rolls and is laid out in strips. It is a carpet of grass that already contains roots. Commercial properties can have more obscure shapes with obstacles. No matter how complex, our team of experts can customize the sod to fit your lawn’s exact shape.

Commercial Landscaping Solutions

Common issues that commercial landscape maintenance can help with include:

  • Dead patches of grass.
  • Excessive weeds.
  • Erosion.
  • Pest infestations.

Sod can fix all these issues by wiping your lawn’s slate clean and starting anew with healthier, high-quality grass.

How it Works?

Sodding contractors Toronto


One of our commercial landscape contractors will ask you questions to get an in-depth understanding of your needs and aspirations for your new lawn.

Once we have a clear picture and have agreed upon a price, the real work begins.


This consists of removing old grass and tilling the soil. Old grass needs to be removed so that you can have a clean slate and the new sod can take root properly. We will dig down about an inch, using a sod cutter that digs deep to cut out the grass from its roots. Next, using a rake, we will break up large chunks of soil. We ensure that the soil is lose and level so that the grass roots bond more quickly.

In Progress


After dampening the soil, we will lay out the sod. We ensure that there are no gaps and that the strips sit flush together. We also ensure that they align with the edges of your lawn. Next, we give it a fresh water.

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

Heat reduction. New sod absorbs heat, making your yard a more comfortable, cooler space.

Eco-friendly. New sod absorbs harmful gases, like carbon dioxide.

Efficient. The rolls are already prepared, giving you a new lawn instantly.

Less water consumption. Sod needs less water than your old grass.

Increase property value. A fresh lawn can increase your property’s value by 15-20%.

Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Lawn Care

When you partner with us to deliver you a fresh lawn, you’re not only getting access to licensed expertise — you’re getting access to dedication and passion. There’s no project we won’t take on. Our pricing is upfront and there are no hidden fees or changes throughout. We’re so confident in our years of experience and we guarantee you with 100% satisfaction. It’s time to transform your lawn to a work of art.

Contact us today to get a free quote and improve the health of your lawn.