Sodding FAQ

I have 200 square-foot front lawn and 300 square-foot backyard. How much time do you need to complete both of them?

500 square-foot lawn will approximately take us 2 hours to complete. It is very important to take some time to prepare your lawn before installing and arranging sod rolls.

Can I install sodding system myself? What should I do?

Yes, you can do it yourself. However, in order to reach the best quality you should consider using some special fertilizers and develop a schedule for watering. Prepare your yard by removing the old grass and cultivating soil. Unroll sodding rolls in the shade and give it enough water to drink. Begin the installation process, matching edges and making them smooth.

How hard is it to install the sodding system?

It is not that hard to unroll and arrange the sod strips, matching the edges and ends. The sod will begin to grow on its own as you will water it periodically. The preparation process is more difficult than the actual installation.

When is the best time to install the sod?

The best time to install the sod is spring and fall as these seasons’ temperatures and weather conditions will protect the sod from summer heat and make the adaptation process faster. Summer is also good for installations, however, it requires more watering.

How can you tell if the quality of the sod is good and it’s fresh?

Upon receiving the sodding rolls, take a look at the soil on the bottom. The base should be moist and cool, the grass needs to have a dark green color. The texture and height are also good indicators of the quality to look for.

Where can I buy the sod?

Special local sod farms are the most common place to look for the sod rolls. Spend some time on the Internet researching on different local growers, their techniques, and fertilizers they use.

How can you maintain new sod after installation?

1. Watering the sod in the right frequency and amount.
2. Try to keep the soil moist at all times throughout the day.
3. Avoid stepping on the new sod until after the first mowing.
4. Try not to water the soil right before the first mow to make sure the soil is firm enough.

When should you first mow newly installed sod?

The first mow for new sod is usually 14 days after the installation in the summer months. The first mow might be a bit later in the winter months.

When should the sod be fertilized after the installation?

Fresh sod should be first fertilized about one month after the installation to promote growth and proper rooting.

How often should you water new sod?

New sod has to remain hydrated for the first month of installation, so make sure to water your new sod as much as 2 to 6 times per day.

Can I water new sod at night?

New sod is best watered during daytime (mornings and afternoons). Don’t water new sod at night because it makes the perfect environment for fungus and unwanted growths.

Should you leave grass clippings on new sod?

Sodding experts say that leaving grass clippings on new sod helps return moisture and nutrients to the soil. And grass clippings will not cause excess thatch buildup on the soil.

What type of fertilizer is best for newly laid sod?

The best new sod fertilizer is a granular fertilizer with a 10-10-10 or similar formula so that there is no more than 1 pound of nitrogen on every square foot of the lawn.

Should you fertilize your sod before or after watering?

You should thoroughly water your lawn a day or two before applying the fertilizer.