How to Install Sod. 101 Guide

Sodding lawn grass

Are you looking forward to installing a new sodding system in your backyard? Do not where to start? Here some useful steps you should take in order to achieve your dream lawn, making sure that it does not only look beautiful but stays healthy.

Step 1: Soil Test

Doing a soil test, collect soil samples from several places around the yard, mix it, and put it into the testing bag. Average price for testing is $15, however, it can vary depending on a city. It usually takes two weeks to get results back and two more weeks to adjust the soil with special fertilizers and watering schedule as specified by the result. Take your time to plan your sodding project and do not order sod rolls before the test arrives.

Step 2: Make Accurate Measurements

Measure the area your planning to apply the sodding system to. Do not be in rush, conduct measurements as many times as you need in order not to pay extra for sod rolls. The best expertise is to order approximately 5% extra, so you will have enough sod to cut and do curves. There are two main options where you are able to purchase the rolls from:

  • Sod Farms
  • A Garden Centre

Make sure the supplier asks questions about your lawn in order to determine the sorts of grasses that will be in your sod.

Step 3: Adjust The Soil level and Unroll Turf

Adjust the soil level by raking it at one inch below the sprinkler head. Moist it well and start unrolling turf. If possible, start the installation process from the end of your yards towards the exit to avoid walking on the fresh sod and leaving any footprints. Make sure that you match edges tightly and prevent any overlaps.

Step 4: Cut The Curves

The best way to do curving is to use a sharp carpet knife or a small sharp shovel to cut the lawn around sprinkler heads, trees, or any other barriers.

Step 5: Fill in Layers and Roll Sod

Using any kind of commercial brush, carefully smooth the edges and make the gaps fully invisible. A lawn roller will help you to make tight connections between soil and sod and let roots grow faster. Try not to walk a lot on the new lawn for couple days to let the root system establish properly.

Step 6: Watering and Cutting Grass

After the installation process, create a watering schedule to moist the lawn regularly. Wait at least 10 days before you cut the grass for the first time, making sure the lawnmower blades are very sharp as there is a chance of tearing up freshly-rooted grass.

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