How to Mow Your Lawn as a Pro

Lawn mower

Mowing the lawn is one of the essential works for a household owner to do in spring and summer days. It is very important to mow your lawn on a regular basis, as every time you cut the grass, it grows more dense, healthy and soft. Here are some effective lawn mowing tips:

Mower Maintenance

Professional lawn mowers recommend servicing your mower at the beginning of every growing season to guarantee the best quality cut. Bent or chipped blades will ruin your grass and cause the damage to the soil level. Clean your mower on a regular base to avoid corrosion and blade jam.

Change the Mow Height

Every time you mow the lawn, reduce the lawn height by 1/3 to give it a good grow boost.

Spring Rules

Cutting the grass in early spring, do it with an extra care as the rotting system is very weak after the winter season. Do it less frequently and adjust the cut height to the minimum.

The Right Height

The best lawn height is considered to be at 2.5 cm – 4 cm tall. Places with a more worn grass should be cut at 4 cm – 5 cm.

The Cutting Height

Depending on a season and weather conditions, adjust the cutting blade accordingly. Hot and dry days require the minimum blade height to let the grass grow longer. During wet seasons you can cut the grass at 4 cm.

Mow at 20 – 25 oC Temperature

In order to reach best quality cut, professionals lawn mowers suggest 20o temperature as the best temperate to mow the yard.

Trim the Edges

To cut the lawn edges professionally, use a half-moon tool. It will easily make the edges look well-cared and prevent them from overgrowing.

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