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Looking for fast and effective lawn care solutions? Sodding Canada has compiled some of the most useful practices, approved by Canadian lawn experts. Take 15 minutes at the end of the day and go to your backyard, taking a small walk and looking for these things:


Passing by a nagging weed or two, do not be a lazy gardener and make a few moves to pull them out. Even though it will take you couple seconds to do it, adopting this simple habit will greatly improve your lawn by making it clean and beautiful.


Checking up the leaf of the lawn can tell you if it needs more water. Wilting leafs mean that your lawn is thirsty and requires more watering. This is the most useful method to use to determine the irrigation schedule for your backyard.

Sprinkler System

If you have a special irrigation system installed in your backyard, check it regularly for any damages to make sure that they easily pop-up and circulate water. Check all the sprinklers for grass overgrow, so you can be assured that your next watering cycle is going to be on time.

Lawn Parasites

 A quick check-up for any parasites such as armyworms, webworms, and ants in the earliest stages can save your lawn from major problems in future. The pests are known for destroying the rooting system of plants and grass, so finding these guys as early as possible can prevent a damage to your lawn.

Major Lawn Health Rules

There is no doubt that fertilization process is important for your lawn, however, do not overdose it as it will lead to soon grass death and significant soil problems. 2-3 times a year is the best amount of fertilization to conduct in order to benefit your grass and soil. It is very easy to tell if the lawn is in a bad condition and needs a boost. When you see changes in a grass color, this definitely means you need to use some fertilizer.

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