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Are you thinking about sodding your lawn? It’s the easiest and quickest way to achieve a beautiful lawn you can enjoy all year long. Sodding Canada has long been the preferred landscaping company for homeowners in Etobicoke because we take sodding seriously. We source the finest sod and use a team of experts and tools to install and maintain your sod.

Putting down new grass can be a painstaking and time-consuming process for the average homeowner and that’s why so many people these days prefer to enlist the professional services of friendly, knowledgeable, and talented landscapers like the ones at Sodding Canada .

Lawn Replacement and Installation

Lawn grass plantation

Do you need a new lawn? The experts at Sodding Canada will walk you through the entire process. First, we’ll help you to dig up and prepare your old lawn by removing any weeds, excess vegetation, rocks or tree stumps that may be in the way. Next, we’ll make sure the surface is levelled to your preferences. Once we get confirmation from you that the space is set up how you’d like, we’ll roll out the new sod and give it substantial watering.

Once the sod is down, we will provide detailed care instructions for you to follow in the weeks after your sod installation — or we’ll work with you to design a regular maintenance schedule so your turf has the best chance to thrive under the watchful eye of the trained landscaping professionals at Sodding Canada .

What Is the Best Month to Lay Sod?

Sodding installation process

If you’re looking for “professional sodding installation Etobicoke,” the best time to book this kind of work is in early spring or early fall. This falls in line with the range of the growing season. Start too early or too late and you’ll lose your new turf to the cold temperatures.

Planting between April and October means that no matter what, your turf should have enough time to develop an adequate root system so it can take hold and thrive. Make sure your turf has time to get some sun and is watered regularly so it has a chance to defend itself from the annual harshness of winter weather.

High Grade Sod Directly From A Local Farm

Lawn Care Services

What makes the sodding provided by Sodding Canada so superior is the fact that we source it from local sod farms no more than a couple of hours from the GTA. Our sod is grown by experienced farmers who put great care into cultivating the fine sod we install on your lawn.

Our supplies grow several types of grass that are often harvested and shipped right to your home within the same day. This ensures your sod is as fresh as possible so it can easily grow in its new home.

Expert Sod Installation

For many years, homeowners in Etobicoke and across the GTA have turned to Sodding Canada to provide premium sodding installation services. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today to book your free consultation.

In Progress Sodding Installation
In Progress Sodding Installation
After Sodding Installation
After Sodding Installation

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