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Sodding Canada provides expert lawn replacement and sod installation services to home and business owners in North York and across the GTA. Did you know that fresh sod reduces heat and acts as a natural source of air conditioning. It also reduces greenhouse gasses in our environment while absorbing carbon dioxide.

At Sodding Canada, our services include new sod installation, pre-seeding, ground leveling, and a post-installation inspection. New sod provides so many benefits including soil stabilization and erosion prevention. A healthy and lush green lawn can even help boost the value of your property. Call Sodding Canada today if you’re on the hunt for the best “sodding installation North York.”

Lawn Replacement and Installation

Many homeowners are opting for new sod installations over seeding when it comes to a new lawn. Sodding over seeding is more expensive up front, but you won’t have to worry about the cultivation period where you would be waiting for the seeds to turn into a lawn.

Not to mention any potential uneven spots. When it comes to new sod, make sure you provide it with the necessary water and you can enjoy it almost immediately. With sod installation, it’s important to find the right contractor to handle the job.

Sodding lawn grass

This will ensure the sod is installed properly and roots develop. A professional sod installer has specialized equipment and the expertise to precisely cut the sod and install it the right way.

You could rent a sod cutter and try to do the work yourself, but you’ll only save a few dollars after you consider your time and labour – it’s best to turn to a professional like the ones at Sodding Canada for excellent results everytime.

What Is the Best Month to Lay Sod?

Perfect grass lawn

The best time to install sod is between April and early November, assuming the weather conditions permit. You can install sod at any point of the growing season and have successful results, but Sodding Canada can help you determine the optimal time based on factors including geographical location and grass type.

Keep in mind sod roots quicker in cooler conditions with occasional moisture. Regardless of the time of year you decide to install the fresh sod, the process remains the same.

High Grade Sod Directly From A Local Farm

Perfect grass lawn

Sodding Canada sources only the highest quality sod from trusted farmers. Sod is generally grown on a sod farm under the watchful eye of a professional grass farmer.

The sod you’ll be getting will come with a pre-established and fully developed root system that will be quite easy to maintain. The sod will be delivered in straight cut rolls that allows for straightforward and easy installation.

Expert Sod Installation

Sodding Canada has a team of lawn specialists that will ensure you achieve a healthy green lawn. Our team members are licensed, experienced, and very friendly. We offer pricing upfront with no hidden fees.

Our installation service comes with a full warranty and we guarantee our work. Call us today to get started on your sod installation.

In Progress Sodding Installation
In Progress Sodding Installation
After Sodding Installation
After Sodding Installation

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