Sodding Services

How Does it Work?

Sodding method has been popular for years. Rather than seeding technique which takes a lot of time to grow, sodding has a fully grown root system and is very easy in maintenance. Sod usually grows on farms under professional supervision and is delivered to you in an easy installable package. Comparing it to the seeding process, seeds are cheaper and more difficult to take care of at the same time, as well as chances of all seeds to grow are 50/50. More and more people choose sodding instead of seeding as it allows you to enjoy your new lawn almost immediately, skipping the cultivation period. The best time to install sodding is believed to be between April and early November, depending on weather conditions. Sodding Canada can help you to choose proper time for sodding and help you will all other inquires.

Benefits of Sodding The Lawn

  • Sodding reduces heat on hot summer days, making it easier to breath for you and your family. As a natural air conditioning, a lawn reduces greenhouse gases and absorbs carbon dioxide.
  • The fastest and easiest way to grow a lawn. Rolls of fresh grass are delivered to your house and can be installed in a few hours. Applying proper care, the sodded yard will be ready for use in 2-3 weeks. Moreover, sod needs less water to be established, which saves you money and time.
  • Controls erosion and filtration. Sodding lawns help to prevent erosions, filter and muffle noises, and also can be used on hills for stabilization.
  • Adds value to your home. Fresh, clean, and soft grass can add up to 15-20% to the value of your household.

Choosing Professionals

Picking the right company for sodding is a very important step you have to take first. Most landscaping and lawn sodding companies use special ground preparation technique in order to reach fast and best quality results. Take your time to ask companies about the method being used for their projects.

 Sodding Canada is Here to Install The Lawn of Your Dream

In Sodding Canada we are not only making your lawn look beautiful, but bringing the enjoyment of outdoor activities to your family. We offer our sodding services and more all across the GTA, ready to assist you with any size of the project from small to large.

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