Sodding Thornhill

Sodding Canada’s premier Thornhill sodding services are just what you need to improve the status of your lawn today. Our lawn care specialists have spent years training in the field treating residential and commercial properties across Thornhill and the GTA with high-quality landscaping solutions.

Our knowledgeable sod crew offers a wide range of services from full sod repair, replacement, and installation, to sod cutter rental or sod installation experts for hire. We are ready to assist with your next Thornhill landscaping project, no matter the size of the lawn and scope of the work. Your dream landscape is just a click away!

Sod Installation Thornhill

The sod installation process may not seem complicated; however, it does require the skills and experience of Thornhill lawn care professionals and the tools and techniques of our craft to execute successfully. Here at Sodding Canada, the first step in the sod installation process is to remove any obstacles.

Then after evaluating the area, we till the soil. Next, we lay down the sod and water. Finally, we fertilize and mow the lawn. When sod is first installed, it cannot handle normal lawn traffic, though it does instantly look like a finished lawn. Sod roots generally take 2-3 weeks to establish before normal lawn traffic including playing, pets, and entertaining is acceptable.

We would love for Thornhill homeowners to see the myriad of benefits that sod installation has to offer and why it truly is the best choice to achieve a beautiful, lush-looking lawn. With sod, the results are instant.

You don’t have to wait and spend years to nurture a newly seeded lawn to grow, while battling washouts and weeds. Sodding saves you time and effort because sod is a dense, mature, weed-free lawn, requiring less lawn maintenance in Thornhill than seeding does.

Affordable Sod Installation Thornhill

Sodding installation process

Sodding Canada offers affordable sod installation rates for all Thornhill homeowners. The price for sod installation in Thornhill ranges anywhere between $0.75 to $4.00 per sq. ft. The total cost however does vary based on the following variables:

  • Accessibility
  • Labour
  • Location
  • Size of the area
  • Soil preparation
  • Type of sod
Sodding installation process

With that said, Sodding Canada always provides clients with the best products and Thornhill lawn care services available at the most affordable prices, without compromising on quality.

Pricing is offered upfront and there are no hidden fees, upcharges, or extra costs calculated afterwards.

When is the Best Time to Lay Sod in Thornhill?

The best time to lay sod in Thornhill is anytime during the growing season, so early Spring or early Fall is optimal. The reason this time of year works most effectively is because the ground is not yet frozen, and you will have a sufficient water supply for establishment and maintenance.

Be very considerate of weather conditions because if you do sod too early or too late, your new turf will lay waste to the cold temperatures.

By sodding in Thornhill within the months of April and October, you are giving your turf the best chance to hold and thrive because it should have enough time to develop an adequate root system.

Remember to water your newly sodded grass regularly and make sure your turf has time to get some sun. This is important to give your turf a chance to defend itself from the annual harshness of winter weather.

Why Choose Sodding Canada

The team at Sodding Canada is dedicated to deliver Thornhill homeowners high service standards and up-to-date tools on all sodding and lawn care projects. Your lawn is a critical feature of your property that when treated with care, can offer health and environmental benefits, boost your home’s value, and be visually eye-catching.

Our crew members are licensed, qualified and have years of experience completing sod repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance projects making yards across Thornhill looking marvelous and dream worthy. We offer a 100% quality guarantee and a warranty on our sod installation services to show our complete commitment to our clients.

In Progress Sodding Installation
In Progress Sodding Installation
After Sodding Installation
After Sodding Installation

Contact Sodding Canada today to book your next lawn care project and receive your free quote from the GTA’s best sod installation experts in Thornhill.